You Should Apply Small Amount From The Lotion On Your Skin, And Then Put It Bit By Bit.

The Prime Reason For This Injury Is The Sudden Change Of Direction Or Due To A Collision.

Hot peppers The hot peppers have been uses long time ago as potent natural medicine. Some people are using them in treating symptoms of arthritis. Combine cup of apple cider vinegar, a little bit of water and some hot peppers. Apply this mixture on your ankles. This will reduce inflating, inflammation and ache. You can find lotions and ointments which are including chili peppers In many drugstores. The lotions which are made with the oil from the chili peppers are very effective for easing the pain. You shouldnt put a large amount of the lotion on the skin, because you may feel moderate tingling. You should apply small amount from the lotion on your skin, and then put it bit by bit. Paraffin bath At the end of 19th century the people used heat and hydrotherapy for treating arthritis. You will boost the bodys pain arthritis resistance with applying heat on the ankles or having a hot bath.

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